Rabbi Adler

Rabbi Moshe Adler

RABBI MOSHE ADLER is the spiritual leader of Beth El the Heights Synagogue. Previously, he served as Hillel director at the University of Minnesota before coming to Cleveland. He has taught classical Hebrew, Bible and Judaics at the Siegal College of Judaic Studies for nearly fifteen years, and has taught Judaic subjects at the Agnon School, Gross Schechter Day School, Akiva High School, and the Pardes School.

He has been with Beth El - The Heights Synagogue since its founding. "I'd often felt that if I were to serve as rabbi of a synagogue, I'd want it to be friendly, warm, participatory, and committed to Jewish learning, observance, and deeds of kindness. At Beth El - Heights I found all those qualities." Rabbi Adler teaches and writes extensively on the applicability of Jewish values to contemporary issues.

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